Ninja Remote Line – Micro Bore w/ Slide Check

The Ninja Microbore Paintball Remote Line is a groundbreaking new way to route air to your marker. The Ninja Microbore Remote features an incredibly flexible yet tough air line that is 30% thinner and lighter than standard coil remotes. Despite its smaller size it is still rated to a 4500 psi working pressure and maintains high pressure flow to your paintball gun. The 42″ Microbore Remote is thin and flexible enough to be routed through your gear for a more streamlined connection to your tank with less snagging. This remote features an ASA adapter with remote nipple and a Ninja Slide Check Valve. This valve lets you cut off air flow to the marker, degassing it at the ASA while the air line remains charged.Features

-33% Lighter and Thinner than standard remotes
-Extremely flexible 42″ hose
-4500psi working pressure
-Works with any Compressed Air or CO2
-ASA Adapter and Slide Check
-Degasses marker and stops flow in hose
-Made in the USA


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